Domarberättelse Jan Wood - tikar

Firstly I must thank exhibitors for giving me such a good entry of quality bitches to go over, I hope that they took and take my comments in the constructive way that they were/are intended. I first judged English Springer’s at Skokloster in the early nineties and I feel that the overall breed type and quality has improved greatly since then.

Generally speaking eyes were a good colour and shape with only one bitch showing a little wet around the eyes; this is a difficult area especially now that there are very strict health requirements imposed. Some heads were a little plain but the majority had some, if not always quite enough, chiselling. A few had too much loose skin at the throat but most had a good reach of neck with a nice arch, in the vast majority lay of should and upper arm length plus angle was very good. Bone was generally correct, some feet could have been tighter and smaller and just a couple were down on pasterns.

Profile movement was excellent but why oh why do you all insists on going round the ring as though it’s a race? This speed looks very flashy and helps profile movement but it does not help movement when coming and going; some were throwing their fronts, just a few twisting their hocks in a way that I have never noticed a Springer do before. Whilst I think that speed makes this worse it did seem to be apparent in bitches that were a little longer than I would have preferred in second thigh.

Presentation was good and I forgave those whose coats had been bleached by the sun, I remember what a trial this can be! Generally muscle tone and weight was just about right although a couple did loose out on higher honours for being a little over weight. On the whole lovely bitches thank you for allowing me to judge them!

I must not close with out thanking Martin Adner for being my chauffeur and host during my brief visit, Evelina Hoffman for being a charming cheerful steward and Lotta Nyberg for her writing skills, it was a pleasure to meet all of them and I hope that we meet again one day.


Jan Wood (Ardencote)