Domarberättelse Kelly Jenkinson - hanar

Springer Klubben Club Show 18th July 2009 at Hogbo Bruks, Sandviken

This was my first time judging FCI rules at this level.  I have judged in Sweden once before at an Open show six years ago.  Although the judging system is different to in England and I did feel a little apprehensive about doing all the critiques and grading, once I started I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

I landed at Stockholm Arlanda on the Thursday before the show with my very good friend and bag carrier Fran Glendinning, only for us to find we had no-one to meet us and collect us!  After several anxious minutes and a few phone calls later it was apparent my good friend Martin Adner was not collecting us until the Friday!  So after a coach ride into Stockholm and a phone call to Fran’s brother for a lift all was sorted out and after a good old laugh and joke about it, Martin did eventually pick me up and get me to the showground in time to judge the show; well done Martin!  

So the day of the show was a lovely day weather wise with the sun shining and not too hot for the dogs.  I was judging the males and Best in Show and my co-judge was Jan Wood who did the bitches.  Overall I would say that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Male dogs.  The previous time I judge I felt that the males were not as good as the bitches and the heads were too big and out of proportion and the height of the dogs was far too big and bodies far too long.  But not this time, the heads have improved vastly.  Much more in proportion with better fluting and chiselling and a great deal of better work in them.  I did find one or two light eyes but overall the shape and colouring was much improved.  The size has also come down, which has also allowed for a shorter coupling.  The temperament on the whole from my position as judge was good; I only saw one or two nervous dogs. The quality of potential good breeding stock can only bode well for the future of the breed. 

My Best Puppy In show was Barecho Want Some Fun, a lovely puppy through and through showing great promise and later when reading my catalogue I realise that I have awarded his sire a CC back home and Best In Show.   

My CC winner was from a strong Open class, Rowntree Valuable Issue a super dog of correct size and proportions with a lovely head and dark kind eye, a dog that took my gaze straight away when entering the ring.    

The Champion class, which we do not have in England, is a great class and I personally think is a great idea.  It is a highly debatable and controversial subject back home, but I personally feel it allows other struggling young dogs the chance at the limelight.   The quality as I would have hoped for was very strong in this class with a lot of superb dogs.  However, my winner and star of the day was C.I.E. Su(U) Ch Nuch High Score On The Move who also took Best In Show.  He is a dog that I would have defiantly taken home with me if his owners would have allowed.  He was for me, typical of the breed and a dog that ticked all the right boxes, with an exquisite head and lovely melting expression with great angulations for and aft.  Stood he makes a stunning outline, he was turned out beautifully in full coat and he glided around the ring effortlessly.  He is a real credit to his kennel.  

I was highly delighted with all my class winners and these were strong contenders for the Best in Show, with all my dogs winning Best Overall.  These included Rowntree Zmart Zpender as my Puppy Class 1 overall winner, Hollivera’s Mystic Melody as Junior overall winner, Quality Design Aprilmoments as Youngster overall winner.  Best Veteran was C.I.E Norduch Sv-02-08 Nv-04-06 Finv-05 Kbhv-08 Vww-08 Barecho Fun For The Future.  Best Hunting was the bitch Rowntree Elegante Issue and she was also the winner of the Breeding Class with her progeny and Kennel Rowntree won Best Breeder.     

So an extremely pleasurable day with some lovely dogs to judge and handle.  I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation and hospitality and thanks to the exhibitors for their entries. 

Kelly Jenkinson

Kennel Eastriding