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Hundar diagnostiserade med Progressiv Retinal Atrofi (PRA) i SVERIGE (datumordning med senaste fall överst)

Joyfulspring Alice In Wonderland SE35870/2010, lyst 2018-05-08                       2018-06-27 *
(Springlet Playing Hero – Fräkentorp’s Clarice Starling)
Windcraft Cayman S67333/2007, lyst 2015-08-24
(Westaway Into The Mystic – Springlet Alice Springs)
High Score Runaway-Bride S39303/2006, lyst 2013-11-13
(Trollängens My Buddy Marlon – High Score Imagine-Me)
High Score Scandal-Play S40470/2006, lyst 2013-11-05
(High Score Original-Design – High Score Foreign-Affair)
Hollivera’s Pay Back Time SE53311/2011, lyst 2013-06-12
(Trollängens Maximum Effect – Hollivera’s Mayan Mystica)
High Score Leading-Lady S34878/2004, lyst 2013-06-11
(High Score I’m Dynamite – High Score Chic-Lady)
Carry Free Another Feeling S41694/2008, lyst 2013-06-11
(Mistily’s Sky News – Creebay Feel Free)
Arrow-Field S43944/2003, lyst 2013-04-21
(Trollängens Cross Country – Mainyard’s Irja-Stina)
Rowntree Valiant Venturer S18791/2003, lyst 2012-03-30
(Rowntree Sense Of Taste – Rowntree Four Roses)
Tracker Dog’s Dragon 
S54824/2004, lyst 2012-01-31
(Törnåkras Blue Chief – Whisborne Dark Crystal)
Hagalidens Brage S50718/2005, lyst 2011-10-26
(Trollängens Maximum Effect – Mistily’s Summer Sky)
Centennial’s Bushmills Malt S38688/2002, lyst 2011-02-24
(Blunder – Centennial’s Rascal)
Sanques Country Girl S30786/2004, lyst 2011-01-20
(Cleavehill Lloyd’s Spirit – Westbound Wishful Thinking)

High Score Justify’s-My-Love S13126/2003, lyst 2010-03-26
(Adamant’s Finnish Flash – High-Score Chic-Lady)
Postridaren’s Calippo S23773/2000, lyst 2009-12-10
(Red Gable’s Larry Mac Kay – Trollängens Contessa)
Curricos Fabulösa Fabian S32517/2007, lyst 2009-08-28
(Tikk-A-Ring’s Silver Nail – Curricos Deliver By Surprise)
Lavrevikens Rikki Tikki Tavi S32117/98, lyst 2009-08-05
(Pygmalias Rosenkavaljer – Lavrevikens Orkide)
High Score Summer-Dreams S40473/2006, lyst 2009-08-04
(High Score Original-Design – High Score Foreign-Affair)
High Score Summer-Passion S40472/2006, lyst 2009-06-10
(High Score Original-Design – High Score Foreign-Affair)
Bondmorans Bird Lover S59902/2003, lyst 2009-04-24
(Mompesson Sky View – Mistily’s Dance With Me)
Woodnob Golden Gate S51586/2007, lyst 2009-05-08
(Woodnob Final Count Down – Woodnob Corvette’s Beauty)
Bogaloo’s Family Affair S42018/98, lyst 2008-12-18
(Bogaloo’s A Lelica Tribut – Bogaloo’s European Design)
Linmoor Unique View S36626/2003, lyst 2008-08-12
(Mompesson Sky View – Nobhill Modern Talkin’)
High Score Imagine-Me S59497/2002, lyst 2008-07-28, 2009-06-10
(Trollängens Cross Country – Rowntree New Wave At High Score)
Key To Success In Love With You S46432/2004, lyst 2008-02-08
(Barecho Ace Of Spades – Barecho English Edition)
Springlet Imagine S13196/98, lyst 2006-07-21
(Lelica’s Absolutely Yours – Springlet Strictly Confidential)
Springlet Ginger Spice S13008/99, lyst 2006-07-11
(Springlet One N’Only – Springlet Power of Love)
Silverängens Summerlove S36542/97, lyst 2006-04-24
(Lelica’s Light’s Smash Hit – Nobhill Just A Dream)
Dunderkullens Etna Bright S21733/2000, lyst 2005-12-28
(Nimblewhit Hot Spot – Springertorpets Enya)
Windsongs Stormy Weather S17778/98, lyst 2005-09-16
(Rowntree Zatchmo – Windsongs Gloria Grahame)
Art-Wave’s Tribal Dance S43997/99, lyst 2005-08-06
(Trimere Tribesman – Springlet Traditional Art-Wave’s)
Mycock’s Sense Of Humour S39460/2001, lyst 2005-02-14
(Creebay Highland Pipes – Bogaloos Seduce You All)
Nobhill Just A Dream S50784/93
(Barecho Ambitious Agent – Nobhill Scarlet O’hara)
Dunderkullens Atlas Bright S21735/2000, lyst 2005-02-14
(Nimblewiht Hot Spot – Springertorpets Enya)
Mycock’s Secret Highlander S39455/2001
(Creebay Highland Pipes – Bogaloo’s Seduce You All)
Springertorpets La Toya S20794/98
(Spring Creek’s Extra Dry – Springertorpets Enya)
Mistily’s Magic Waltz S19726/98
(Mistily’s Mark Of Distinction – Mistily’s Waltzing Matilda)
Doushka Another Victory S67453/92
(Sontoc’s Golddigger – Anderlecht)
Teasmade Tan-Tea-Label S52680/99
(Trimere Tribesman – Gofields Miss Riccadonna)
Teasmade Tilted-Teapot S52683/99
(Trimere Tribesman – Gofields Miss Riccadonna)
Barecho Rough N’Ready S41313/95
(Whisborne Devil In Disquise – Windsongs Mata Hari)
Springlet Neat N’Spicy S13007/99
(Springlet One N’Only – Springlet Power Of Love)
Barecho Remember Me S41318/95
(Whisborne Devil In Disquise – Windsongs Mata Hari)
Piccolina S35431/95
(Fräkentorp’s Piccolino – Beeline Yes Sir I Can Boogie)
Sture S23409/92
(Hammersmith’s Circumstances And Pomp – Aimpoint Greebe’s Gale)
Barecho I Am Your Idol S52793/92
(Barecho Ambitious Agent – Nobhill Scarlet O’hara)
Red Gable’s Dear Mary Anne S13958/91
(Trampas Double – Pygmalia’s Listen To Your Heart)
Törnåkras Go On S48219/82
(Törnåkras Nobleman – Törnåkras Olivia)
Granhammars Danilo S40001/77
(Eydon Evander – Granhammars Corny)
Guziette S46810/84
(Hazelwoods Jack Pot – Corinne)
Freddie Frisco S42247/83
(Hazelwoods Jack Pot – Corinne)
Filippa-Sue S42250/83
(Hazelwoods Jack Pot – Corinne)

Hundar diagnostiserade med PRA i NORGE (bokstavsordning)

Astrospring’s Deneb Ad Fantin
(Sanque’s Perry Mason – Beeline Ticket Of Luck)
Copy-Cat Fitzroy Island
(Lajban’s Taboo Thaughts – Lajban’s Dealing With Fools)
Fantins Lass O’ Joy
(Fantins Dirty Trick – Fantins Fiona Hart)
Monte-Gora’s Earthquake
(Beeline Yours Truly Oliver – Monte-Gora’s Adja)
Mountjoy Nice’N Noble tested 2011-02-04
(Mompesson Sky View – Barecho Keep In Mind)
Next Nickel Back Black-Colour SE43362/2013 tested 2018-06-27                       2018-06-27 *
(Big Brazzel Bungy Jumper – Big Brazzel Cookie Dough)
PorsField’s Cindy tested 2012-01-31
(Gjerpen’s Little Hucklow – Mollyway Intuition)
Red Gable’s Laureen Olivier
(Alhambra Larry Olivier – Goldmoore’s Laura Mackay)
Salix Attitude tested 2014-03-21
(Salix Secret Romance – Salix Purpurea)
Stormbird’s Days Like This
(Alhambra Larry Olivier – Stormbird’s Luck O’the Irish)
Stormbird’s Golden Heart
(Zelini’s Bilberry Pie – Mistily’s Cosmopolitan)
Stormbird’s On Every Street tested 2009-10-15
(Zelini’s Bilberry Pie – Mistily’s Cosmopolitan)
Ursa Major’s Show Me Heaven tested 2014-04-01
(Trollängens My Buddy Marlon – Ursa Major’s Stella Polaris)
Ursa Major’s Sleepwalker tested 2013-11-28
(Westaway Into The Mystic – Ursa Major’s Sugartime)
Ursa Major’s Spaceman tested 2011-04-16
(Trollängens My Buddy Marlon – Ursa Major’s Stella Polaris)
Ursa Major’s Speedy Gonzales tested 2009-08-31
(Trollängens Cross Country – Ursa Major’s Spinnin Wheel)
Ursa Major’s Savannah
(High Score I’m Dynamite – Ursa Major’s Spinnin Wheel)
Winton Make My Day tested ERG 2012-11-19
(Winton Man In Motion – Winton Browned Eyed Girl)

Hundar diagnostiserade med PRA i FINLAND (bokstavsordning)

Adamant’s Golden Chain born 1997-04-14
(Adamant’s Superman – Adamant’s Sound of Success)
Allway’s May Day Balloon born 1997-05-01
(Shearwalk of Shipden – Allway’s Pie On The Sky)
Ancer’s Inspiration tested 2013-10-07
(Ancer’s Dynamite Charm – Ancer’s Carina)
Bogaloo’s Code Of Honour born 1997-03-22
(Hammersmith’s Dedicated To Bogaloo – Bogaloo’s Days Of Thunder)
Fuzzyball’s Foolish Thing
(Streamside’s Kingfisher – Of Skyway Raindrop)
Grouse Dream Atheist born 1999-02-09
(Hippopotamus – Fantic Makepiece)
Hillybilly born 1979-06-19
(Moonduster – Wolfheart Pompon)
Minni born 1990-02-27
(Backgammon – Springdale Fancy)
Mystic Lead-Free born 1997-02-15
(Whisborne Devil In Disquise – Päiosspring Aniti)
Mäntykujan Vanessa born 1998-04-05
(Toyriver’s Yankee Yo Yo – Mäntykujan Asta)
New Desing’s X-Clusive Diva born 2008, tested 2014-04-24 
(Adaman’t Take Your Hopes – Art-Wave’s Big Is Beautiful)
Rollicoaster Nice Naiad born 1982-08-13
(Of Skyway Hurricane – Styleline Peppermint)
Of Skyway Fiona born 1978-03-19
(Of Skyway Lawyer – Of Skyway Mocca)
Of Skyway Hoyden born 1975-01-07
(Mompesson Fisherman – Mustéla Ax Cicada)
Of Skyway Wagtail born 1985-04-28
(Of Skyway Hurricane – Hawkhill A Million Dreams)
Sanfox’s Almonda born 2008-08-09 tested 2015-11-10
(Whisborne Clansman – Hunting Habit’s Samantha Fox)
Seabow’s Jaguar born 1997-09-24
(Inu Goya My Music – Adamant’s Country Girl)
Springdale Easy Rider born 1991-11-29
(Springdale Ascot Style – Nobhill Sunshine Of My Life)
Springdale Emblem born 1991-11-29
(Springdale Ascot Style – Nobhill Sunshine Of My Life)
Springrotin Nico Tico born 1986-04-19
(Of Skyway Hurricane – Springrotin Flamenco)
Stardom Starlight Serenade (Cord-1 clear) tested 2013-03-02
(Mompesson Sky View – Stardom Star Traveller)
Styleline Adjutant born 1980-03-13
(Of Skyway Lawyer – Springrotin Honey)
Tarimaan Hertta born 1983-10-15
(Hightide’s Kayak – Tarimaan Double)
Trapper born 1977-04-07
(Dalati Ben Sais – Of Skyway Tabita)
Walnut Hope’NGlory tested 2012-08-14
(Walnut Wolks Wagen – Walnut Amazing Angel)
Wildomar’s Enchanted Boy born 2006-09-04, tested 2013-05-24
(Mompesson Blinking Hell – Adamants Royal Stories)
Wildomar’s Knocks You For A Loop born 2010-08-05, tested ERG 2011-10-11
(Winton Man On The Moon – Wildomar’s Gewgaw)
Wolfheart Linesman born 1976-11-01
(Moonduster – Bukefalos Jungfrau)

Hundar diagnostiserade med PRA i DANMARK

Lene’s Hippie DK07094/2009, tested 2013-12-17
(Sieger’s Upon First Class – Lene’s Goddess)

Rowntree Begin The Begin S22914/92
(Orrlyran’s Hunter – Hammersmith’s Living Legend)