Club Show 2023

Springerklubbens Club Show 15-16/7 2023

(30 hanar + 47 tikar + 23 valpar anmälda)
Domare: Steve Wraith, kennel Beautelle, Australien

♦ Lördag 15 juli: valpar & hanar – bilder här

Bästa valp i klass I

BIR-valp I: Millviews A Bird In The Hand & BIM-valp I: Art-Wave’s Time To Shine

Valpklass I hanar 4-6 månader (7)
1:a HP Millviews A Bird In The Hand
2:a HP Lelica’s Hey You
3:a HP Winton It’s You
4:a HP Art-Wave’s Step Back In Time
HP Accounts Black Hunter
HP Lelica’s Wind Of Change
HP Mountjoy Lucky Luke

Valpklass I tikar 4-6 månader (6)
1:a HP Art-Wave’s Time To Shine
2:a HP Lizziardhs Bona Dea
3:a HP Millviews Apple A Day
4:a HP Lelica’s Sweet Emotion

Bästa valp i klass II

BIR-valp II: Art-Wave’s Mcphee & BIM-valp II: Sanque’s Luna Lovegood

Valpklass II hanar 6-9 månader (2)
1:a HP Art-Wave’s Mcphee
2:a HP Who Is Three Of A Kind

Valpklass II tikar 6-9 månader (8)
1:a HP Sanque’s Luna Lovegood
2:a HP Charlescroft Swavs
3:a HP Art-Wave’s Majestic
4:a HP Cloette’s First Dibs

Bästa valp av klass I & II

BIS-valp: Millviews A Bird In The Hand & BIS-R-valp: Art-Wave’s Mcphee

Juniorklass hanar (7)
1:a EX CK Visänga Pomp And Circumstance
2:a EX CK Lordsett Under Your Spell
3:a EX Engeskogens Oliver
4:a EX Belgarbo’s Now Or Never
VG Barecho Gonna Know My Name
G Engeskogens Odin

Unghundsklass hanar (5)
1:a EXC CK Malmuddens Carillo Rocks
2:a EXC CK Visänga G’Day Mate
3:a EXC CK Art-Wave’s The Cat’s Pajamas
4:a EXC CK Art-Wave’s Top The Lot
EXC CK Plumridge Einar

Jaktklass hanar (1)
1 EX CK Cool Moon Avendesora Poland

Öppenklass hanar (8)
1:a EX CK Beeline A Supreme Affair
2:a EX CK Mountjoy Husky Hugo
3:a EX CK Barecho Opposites Attract
4:a EX CK Lelica’s Out Of Sight
VG Belgarbo’s Hofsjökull
VG Belgarbo’s J-Trettiosju Viggen
VG Cloette’se Ain’t Done Nothing
VG Cocoline On A Mission

Championklass hanar (7)
1:a EX CK Wilmio’s Quality Art
2:a EX CK Visänga Off The Leash
3:a EX CK Art-Wave’s Cash In Hand
4:a EX CK Lordsett The Winner Takes It All
EX CK Lizziardhs It’s Now Or Never
EX CK Westaway Captain Cook

Veteranklass hanar (2)
1:a EX CK Westaway Don’t You Forget About Me
2:a EX CK Lizziardhs Valentino

♦ Bästa hane
1:a Ch Wilmio’s Quality Art
2:a Ch Westaway Don’t You Forget About Me
3:a CERT Visänga Pomp And Circumstance
4:a Ch Cool Moon Avendesora Poland
R-CERT Malmuddens Carillo Rocks

♦ Söndag 16 juli: tikar – bilder här
+ avels- & uppfödargrupper & Best In Show

Juniorklass tikar (10)
1:a EX CK Timtail’s Rise
2:a EX CK Rosettasweet’s Fröken Ask
3:a EX CK Lordsett Waterloo
4:a EX CK Art-Wave’s Coronation Day
EX Classic Crown Blaze
EX Westaway What Dreams Are Made Of
VG Belgarbo’s Nothing Compares To You
VG Melverly Stage Stello
VG Ripplings Lovis

Unghundsklass tikar (3)
1:a EX CK Plumridge Nanny
2:a VG Plumridge Sally

Jaktklass tikar (3)
1:a EX CK Belgarbo’s F Christmas Holiday
2:a EX Cloette’s Lucky Feeling
3:a VG Mountjoy Veracious Velvet

Öppenklass tikar (15)
1:a EX CK Astrospring’s Wave
2:a EX CK Picabo’s Farytale
3:a EX CK Classic Crown Alpha
4:a EX CK Rosettasweet’s Fröken Gullviva
VG Deming’s Swedish Grace
VG My Call PS I Love You
VG Plumridge Celta Vigo
VG Rasberry Lady Three Ponds Valley
VG Ripplings Hanna
VG Ripplings Irma
VG Springdust’s Madame Mim
G Three Hill’s Zweet Angel

Championklass tikar (12)
1:a EX CK Charlescroft Rogue
2:a EX CK Linmoor Hera
3:a EX CK Art-Wave’s Pop The Question
4:a EX CK Lordsett Galway Girl
EX Cloette’s Ain’t No Saint
EX Lost’n Found Heart Of Gold
EX Searoad’s Keep Your Prosecco Close
EX Westaway Secret Devotion
EX Winton State Of Grace

Veteranklass tikar (4)
1:a EX CK Art-Wave’s Arts And Crafts
2:a EX CK Mountjoy Unclouded Unity
3:a EX CK Melverly White Dee
4:a EX CK Charlescroft Cloud Nine

♦ Bästa tik
1:a Ch Charlescroft Rogue
2:a Ch Art-Wave’s Arts And Crafts
3:a CERT CHAMPIONAT Astrospring’s Wave
4:a R-CERT Timtail’s Rise

Bästa junior

BIR-junior: Visänga Pomp And Circumstance & BIM-junior: Timtail’s Rise

Bästa jaktmeriterad

BIR-jakt: Belgarbo’s F Christmas Holiday & BIM-jakt: Cool Moon Avendesora Poland

Bästa veteran

BIR-veteran: Art-Wave’s Arts And Crafts & BIM-veteran: Westaway Don’t You Forget About Me

Bästa avelsgrupp

1:a HP Mompesson Escourt

Bästa uppfödargrupp 

1:a HP Kennel Art-Wave’s, Jens Karlsson
2:a HP Kennel Belgarbo’s, Magnhild Löfstedt


BIS: Ch Charlescroft Rogue & BIS-R: Ch Wilmio’s Quality Art

”Huge thanks to the hard working team that put together such an amazing show. This appointment was something that most ESS lovers only dream about. The quality of dogs was exceptional I feel the breed is in very safe hands good on you all. Thanks to my steward and scribe ladies it was fun working with you. Shows are to be enjoyed and the sportsmanship amongst all exhibitors was clearly evident. Until we meet again thank you all. Steve and Linda xx”